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Merge Mp4 Flv Divx Mpg


MergeMp4Flv 3.2 - freeware (build date: 31.03.2012)

MergeMp4Flv is GUI interface for ffmpeg and mkvmerge video utilities for merging and re-encoding video files.



  • merge mp4, flv, divx, mpg video files. Resulting video is in mp4 format (x264 video stream).
  • convert (re-encode) flv, divx or mpg to mp4 file with h264 video stream.




Bug Fixes and Changes (from 3.1):

  • AVI/DIVX detection fixed
  • Frame size sometimes failed to parse
  • Low audio bitrate fixed for mpeg stream
  • build with new QT 4.8




This utility is aimed for youtube users that wish to watch youtube clips on it's own computer and wish to save clips in one large video file if there are more then one video clip. If files are of the same size (resolution, framerate, video and audio codec) then merge operation is done using mkvmerge which is very fast. If files are in different format or in different size then all files are cropped to the most common size and converted to the mpg format. Using DOS copy command files are merged then re-encoded back to the mp4 format (using ffmpeg and libx264 codec).


Video tools used:



  • When files are re-encoded resulting video file has audio in the mp2 format which can cause somewhat larger file. This is done to avoid 'audio out of sync' problem. Exception is when one file with h264 stream is converted to mp4 then audio is copied as is.
  • Video fiiles with special local character set can not be recognized
  • Progress dialog is not accurate most times.


Utility is freeware. Source code is copyleft although i'll appreciate if you at least mention my site: mandrilo.com if you are using any part of code. Thanks.